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About Vision Automation

Vision Automation holds the regional agency for Unitronics Automation Products in Southern Africa. We have an accumulative experience base of over 50 years in PLC projects and design. We have the support team to solve your problems and the stock levels to satisfy your demand. Our Support team consists of internal technical and training facilities, as well as System Integrators and Distributors spread over the regions to meet all your requirements.

Since 1989 Unitronics is engaged in the design, development, production, marketing, sales and support of its industrial electronic products, mainly state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Unitronics PLCs are computer-based electronic products which serve for the management, control and automatic operation of electromechanical processes, machines, production lines and other automated applications in many industries. Unitronics automation products comply with UL certification standards and are designed to make automation simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Unitronics’ products and services are provided by the company’s internal marketing staff, as well as a network of professionals comprised of 165 distributors, sales reps and local service agents in 55 countries around the globe, enabling our customers to purchase our products with local marketing support.

Unitronics' field-proven PLCs automate tens of thousands of installations in diverse fields, anywhere automated processes are required: