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Z-View Scada System


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Z-View Scada System

+Z-View HMI - Easy to Use

Model Description
 ZVIEW FULL Complete for Any PLC's including OPC, MODBUS, DRIVER FOR PLC
 ZVIEW MB 20 Complete for Any PLC's including MODBUS up to 20 Devices
 ZVIEW MB UL Complete for Any PLC's including MODBUS Unlimited Devices
 ZVIEW VIEWER Up to 3 units VIEWER connections (Each Unit)
 ZVIEW-1 Z-View SCADA package - 1 Unitronics PLC's (Pcom)
 ZVIEW-10 Z-View SCADA package - 10 Unitronics PLC's (Pcom)
 ZVIEW-4 Z-View SCADA package - 4 Unitronics PLC's (Pcom)
 ZVIEW-UL Z-View SCADA package - Unlimited no of Unitronics PLC's (Pcom)

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